Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today is all about the clothes. I feel like it has been forever since I've done a proper outfit post. I think peach tones are my new summer power color. We had fun taking the pictures today. Unfortunately the majority of the silly ones didn't turn out but they were a lot of fun to shoot. Today was rather boring as I had to go to a conference at my new college for transfer students. I took the most hideous photo for my student ID. I'd been relatively lucky in that department until now.
 shorts: crimson and clover, shirt: thrifted, shoes: gift
I do realize I've been wearing these shorts quite a bit they are so versatile. They were definitely worth the $8.
The necklace was from a free grab bag of mostly vintage goodness I scored a couple of weeks ago.
 100 percent thrifted outfit
This fall one of my electives is going to be photography. I am very excited that I got in as it is a very popular class. I really want to do photo shoots for other people when I get a little better.


  1. I love your outfit! Your peach blouse is stunning, and I love your shorts! Haha Bea is so cute here! Yay for photography class, that sounds awesome!

  2. You look so cute! Peach is my favourite summer colour, too! I always look awful in my student ID photos. D: I have a friend who tilted his head back while the picture was taken and spent two years with the shadow behind his head looking like AN EPIC MULLET.

  3. I love the outfit. You look amazing in peach. I'm sorry your student ID turned out badly. My ID's never end up quite looking like me. The pictures always look like they're someone who could be related to me. It's weird.

    I'm so happy to hear that you got into a photography class! Is it film or digital? I took a film class when I was in high school and it was probably my favorite class. I loved learning how to use all of the equipment.

  4. I love the shorts! It's such a great look for summer and the peach color of the top pairs with them perfectly.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I am really jealous of all of your amazing shorts. They are the hardest thing for me to find, and thus the only thing that I want to wear. Also, that last pic is adorable.

  6. Love the bright peach, and the short are great too. Seriously the necklace is to die for. I'm on the hunt for a owl necklace, but I don't want one from an actual mall store. Ha, ha. I'm sounding like a bit of a mall snob. :0)

  7. Aww yay you look so cute and your daughter is so adorable! Peach is such a breezy color for this summer season :) You're wearing it so well!

  8. Lovely outfit!! Your necklace is so adorable, and you look brilliant in orange (a rare skill, trust me!). Thanks for your lovely comment, nice to know I'm not the only person who falls over a lot!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  9. love the peach! so nice! and your bangs make me want to cut my hair! :) cuties both of you!
    mamushka marie

  10. That last close-up shot of you is so pretty! Peach is definitely your color! I love the owl necklace too, isn't wonderful when you pull a real gem out of those grab bags full of trinkets?

    Congrats on getting into the photography class!

  11. AWW you look so adorable and cute! :D

  12. You look so lovely in that one close up. This blouse is perfect on you. Oh, and with the shorts-so ladylike. And your daughter is as amazingly beautiful and adorable as ever!

  13. Off topic but were you at Trader Joe's this week? I think I saw you and Bea while I was shopping with the mister on Monday but I could be mistaken {as it was from the back only}.

  14. I like that shot of you in the corner of the fence. lovely! I hope to take a photog class someday as well. someday.

  15. aahhh this outfit is so simple and chic!!! i adore the peach top!!! really pretty for summer! :D

    that photo of the kid is just so so cute! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. I love love your outfit. That peach blouse is gorgeous. Love it so much!

    I really like that you dress your daughter in thrifted clothes. It makes so much sense since she'll outgrow them all so quick. It saves so much money.

  17. Love the outfit - found your blog through chictopia and loved it! These are really cute photos! Your daughter?
    follow me?

  18. I love the colour of that shirt! It's so pretty!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  19. I wanna see the goofy student ID photo!
    Shorts are very very hard for me to find, for some reason.
    I had one pair that I loved that I can't find this summer.
    These look great on you.
    I like their higher waist-ed-ness.

  20. i really love your outfit.. the blouse's color, the shorts, and necklace are so great together. i think i say this all the time but your daughter is so adorable :)


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