Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This weekend was phenomenal despite the fact that I was in rather excruciating pain, at least on Monday. I had a pain in the neck and even 800 mg ibuprofen wasn't cutting it. There was a huge sale at thrift town on Sunday and we were extremely successful. There is one particular orange vintage dress I am rather excited about. Last night I drank a bit of Finlaggan to dull the pain and sure enough today the pain is a bit more tolerable.  I would recommend it if you are a snobby Scotch drinker on a budget. They actually get their whiskey from the excess production of two of Islay's best distilleries (Lagavulin and Caol Ila).
shorts: old urban outfitters, shoes: crimson and clover, shirt: vintage
I am finally posting one of my recent acquisitions, this lovely purple butterfly blouse. I got this, among other amazingness, Saturday night when I got a huge free bag of clothes from someone whose rejects were actually better than some of the stuff in my closet. I ended up changing the shorts later as they are so annoyingly bunchy.
I took Bea to our favorite park today and we had such a great time. Much of the time we were just blowing bubbles although we did make a sand castle which she took much delight in destroying. I just love watching her play. She is such a daredevil but also cautious, thank goodness.
chucks: goodwill, top: thrift town, shorts: secondhand
This photo is from our daily walk. I got this adorable gingham shirt with daisies at the thrift town sale last weekend. "5, 6, pick up sticks!"

shorts: crimson and clover
I wanted to take a pic of Bea's awesome interplanetary leggings before she went to bed and she was such an amazing model (probably because she knew  that once the shoot was over it was bedtime.) I have the best little girl!


  1. Lovely outfit, I love that top!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I love Beax leggings... I would totally wear them. Sometimes, I look at 5 year olds outfits because im like "i would totally wear that" LOL.

    ps. I'll have to look into that whisky. I have a few friends who are total whisky snobs. Sounds like a great remedy.

  3. First of all I love your outfit, especially the top! Second-- I can't get over how adorable your daughter is. SO precious.

  4. Very nice outfit and cute child :)

    many greetings


  5. I love the blue top - the color is great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. hope your neck feels better! i love that purple top.

  7. I love her leggings! And I really like the second pair of shorts you wore. They're great looking. Hope your neck feels better soon!

  8. Your daughter is just adorable, and you are lovely! So happy to have found your blog. I love discovering other mommy fahsion bloggers. :-)

    Visit Bella Vita and enter to win in a giveaway every day this week!

  9. I love that pretty blue top of yours! I get terrible neck pain, too... I need to see a chiropractor again...

    Your daughter is so adorable - she looks like she has tons of personality!

  10. Love this look so much and you girl is precious!

  11. You are such an incredibly chic Mum! Everytime I see your posts I have to think of that when Bea is older, all kids at school will tell her that she has the coolest and most stylish Mum! :)
    And her space leggings are so gorgeous! I need a pair, too, haha ;)

  12. Thanks for following me, Lisa! Bea's hair looks exactly like the haircut I had when I was around her age (I think you commented on that picture on Facebook, as a matter of fact!)

    Hope to see you soon. I just got a job, so we should go thrifting in a few weeks.

  13. The Blues are amazing on you!
    Alcohol does the body good!

  14. Bea looks adorable as always! I love the blue of her shirt!

  15. Whoa that giant shovel thing Bea's playing with is so cool. Cute blue sweater, and I love Bea's space leggings (haha they're "out of this world"). Aww I hope your neck feels better!

  16. She is adorable and so are her leggings! And your outfit is amazing as well, lucky you, getting that shirt for free!

    -Shoeless Simone

  17. Um, where do I get me some inter-planetary leggings? You really do have an awesome little lady, Clover is always picking up sticks on our walks too :) I love your blouse, so delicate and fluttery and how it almost looks like a romper with the navy shorts!

  18. Love the top!


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