Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Leaf

I found this blouse last month and fell in love with the green leaf print. It is very unique and was sewn from a pattern by someone. It also was only $1.
The skirt was purchased from Crimson and Clover Vintage and is one of my favorites.
I found Beatrix's dress while thrifting last month. She got quite a few complements on it at the grocery store today.
I am on spring break this week and have been cooking quite a bit lately despite my eyes being so itchy from all these beautiful flowers. We made apple caramel cupcakes yesterday and last weekend made biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and barbecue tofu. I feel like I haven't made a meal from scratch like that in ages. I am working on a presentation on factory farming practices for my ethics classes and am in absolute disbelief at not only the treatment of the animals but the unhealthiness of the meat for the consumer.  Outfit wise I've been trying to be more creative with the clothes I have and plan to do some alterations as well. How is your week going?

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Crooked Mile

Beatrix picked this thrifted dress out herself today. We went to Fairytale Town again. She loves the crooked mile and went on it several times.
The plants didn't need watering this time but there was an adorable ladybug in the garden.
 I think I've worn most of these clothes in different combinations but this thifted necklace I just scored while on vacation. It actually goes perfectly with my blue pantsuit too. 
 Alaric is wearing thrifted polyester trousers and shirt is from Buffalo Exchange.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. After traveling so much this month I'm looking forward to just relaxing with my family.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day of Play

The weather has been amazing lately so I didn't even check before I put on this sundress. It was a bit too big so I tied the back. When I went outside the weather was cloudy but luckily when we got to the park the sun came out.

I match the playground and am wearing a thrifted dress.
We found a ton of awesome old books while on vacation. Alaric is pictured reading Giles Goat-boy by John Barth. 
Alaric is wearing:
shorts: American Apparel
tee and vintage jacket: thrifted
sandals and shirt: Once Upon a Child Secondhand
shorts: secondhand

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten things that make me happy

I have been tagged by Audrey J and someone else but I can't remember who they were. Thank you! This list is by no means comprehensive. Here are a few things that make me happy.
1. Bubbles
They are so pretty and Beatrix adores them. Bubble baths are such fun and so is blowing bubbles.
 Champagne and other bubbly is delicious as well.

2. Dancing
I love dancing. I love dance parties and watching professional dancing.  It's hard not to smile when you're dancing. I've done ballet, jazz, modern, swing, tango, hip hop and freestyle. I love watching break dancing and old musicals. Last weekend I had a blast dancing to dubstep, house and techno.

For our wedding we danced to Absinthe by Duke Ellington. Alaric loves dancing too and is an excellent tap dancer. We took tango and swing lessons when we first met and had so much fun.
3. Beer
There is nothing like a beer fresh from the tap. I especially love a good amber ale or hefeweizen. I used to think I did not like beer but I've acquired quite a taste for it. On our vacation we visited some amazing breweries in Mendocino County.

4. Burritos
I love them with guacamole and fresh made salsa.  They are the perfect cure when I'm really hungry.
5.Creative Hair
I don't do hair as much anymore but when I did I loved doing creative hair. It is very fun to see all the different shapes and colors that can be achieved.  This was for a hair show a couple of years ago. May I present Alaric as cockatoo and my other model as peacock.
 6. Hiking
I hiked quite a bit when I was pregnant. We didn't go as much when Bea was a baby but recently took her to Muir woods and she loves hiking too. We are planning on going on more hikes this year. I just love being in nature.
I was 8 months pregnant when I climbed this mountain.
7. Northern California
I love nature everywhere but there is something about the beaches, mountains, and forests here that are so unique and take my breath away.

Painted Dunes at Lassen National Park
8. Karaoke
It has been too long since I've gone. It can be quite a blast.
These were at my brother's wedding. I also adore weddings!
9. Twin Peaks
I didn't watch it when it first aired but watched it a couple of years ago and loved it. It is a movie-quality TV series. 
10. Beatrix
I was trying to avoid obvious choices but for the last one I chose Bea. She is too cute not to list. here are some of her baby pics.
Anyone who would like to do this list please consider yourself tagged. It is actually quite fun and let me know if you do.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lazy afternoons

The weather is absolutely perfect and I'm quite taken with spending the afternoons sunning, playing with Bea, readimg a good book, and listening to mind blowing music.
I'm just trying not to let all the paperwork life has to keep my spirits down. The scarf as a shirt idea just might be my new summer look. Everything is thrifted as usual. I got the shades on vacation and the scarf is from Thunderhorse Vintage.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the winner is

The winner of the giveaway  is Missa who has a wonderful blog called thrift candy
I found my #15 via a random number generator. Congratulations!
My first find is a lovely and very delicate cameo locket necklace. 
I tried to model it but it was way too bright outside. It opens for for a place to put pictures in.
My second find was this lovely nautical scarf. It is the perfect size for wearing different ways and very soft.
I really wanted to find at least three things for the giveaway but alas I did not have such luck thrifting after my initial finds so I got one of my favorite brands of tinted lip balms. I adore them because they don't kiss off on everything like lipstick. I had such fun finding stuff for the giveaway!
This is my outfit for today. I was feeling like wearing black but because it is a holiday I had to add some green socks to the ensemble. Everything is thrifted. I just got the patent shoes and blouse while on vacation. Happy spring  everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The edge of the world

    I  just got back today from vacation. What a gorgeous trip. I was having so much fun near the end I totally forgot to take pictures. Unfortunately the other outfit posts didn't work out as it was raining and windy on our drive to Humboldt County. I will have to post the findings soon. 

I am planning on posting the winner of the contest as soon as I can. I still need to do the pictures though. We had a lot of fun thrifting on the trip. I even found myself a necklace that matches the blue jumpsuit perfectly and some old lady trousers. I will try to catch up on replying to your questions and comments as soon as I can.  I got a new layout too which is exciting. Hope you like it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Embrace of the Endless Ocean

I thought I would post some pictures as we have internet access.
The first photo was taken at Chateau Montelena. Alaric surprised me with a little wine tasting excursion on the first day. I just adore how comfortable that outfit is.
Yesterday we drove from Ukiah to Fort Brag and saw the most amazing scenery on the way. Our first stop was at Hende Woods State Park. Nobody was there so we had the forest to ourselves.
We stopped for a while at this beautiful beach. 

Then we stopped at another one. Did I mention I went thrifting in Ukiah in the morning. I found this amazing jumper as well as some cool stuff for the giveaway. The beer here is amazing as well. Everything thrifted except for my black blouse and the coat is 100% faux.
Still time to enter the Surprise Giveaway.
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