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Interview: Kimberly of Kimberellie

 I am very pleased to present to you this interview of one of the sweetest bloggers ever, Kimberly of Kimberellie. She has such a fun and creative sense of style and seems to have so much fun while doing so.
 Where are you from and what is your day job?
I am from Canada, Vancouver Island British Columbia to be exact.  And this is my day job: stack blocks.  feed baby.  play.  read baby books.  zoom cars.  go to Starbucks.  read baby books again.  Also I sometimes clean the house.  But not usually.

What got you into starting your own style blog?
My blog actually started off as a regular blog.  And then one day I realized it was a style blog.  I guess you could say it evolved.  It is funny, because I remember starting a blog about five years ago, and all I wrote about was clothes and shopping, et cetera; and then before it even had a chance to get off the ground I deleted everything thinking: who wants to see pictures of what I am wearing and read about my shopping habits?  Ha!  How foolish of me!

 How would you describe your style?
My personal style philosophy is: what can I get away with next? My goal is to dress as interestingly and unconventionally as as possible without anyone really noticing.  For example, I will wear a ladylike pencil skirt, a feminine blouse, and proper shoes but clash all the colours and patterns. I think that keeping the silhouette traditional allows me to really experiment with pattern, colour and accessories while still looking like a "grown up" (which apparently I am...) 

What are some of your favorite style blogs and/or fashion websites?
I have to admit I have a preference for mommy bloggers like yourself, so YOU, Second Skin, Off of Broadway, Fashion Confessions of a Mommy, and many more. I think it is a very different thing being a mom and a fashion/personal style blogger.  I think I can just relate more.  There's no, okay, tripod, check, wearing clothes, check, no rain, check: good, let's go take some outfit pics.  For a mommy fashion blogger there remains the "But where will I stash my baby?" category.  And it isn't so easily checked.

 What are some of your favorite bands?
I like The Tea Party, Pilate, Prairie Dance Club, The Killers, Coldplay.

Favorite drink?
Earl Grey Tea.  Really.  I adore it. I am also partial to wine and beer and a good gin and tonic.  But for everyday it has got to be tea.  I am currently on my fourth cup.  Oh, and I am completely addicted to Tim Horton's steeped tea.

What do you do for fun?
I dress up pretty and get my husband to take pictures of me and then I write about it.  Oh, do you mean besides blogging?  I read.  I also paint and write (poetry, fiction, nonsense).  I also love being outside: so the beach, the forest, the mountains.  Oh, and SHOPPING.  We simply can't forget shopping.

 How has your fashion sense changed over time?
I have definitely become more adventurous since starting to blog.  It's funny, because when I first started I got comments about being so "chic and casual" which made me laugh.  Because in my town I am always the MOST dressed up!  These sorts of comments made me think: Well, I think I'll just go for it then.  Let's see what these online ladies think is unusual.  I still have yet to have anyone say: wow, you look weird.  I wonder if that is what I am waiting for.  Or maybe people are just too nice.

I think comparing myself to other bloggers is very freeing because I'm like: "Well, so and so, wore something twice as crazy and daring as this the other day, and she looked awesome.  So I am definitely going to wear the lime green pants with the plaid shirt." 

Though, I sometimes wonder if I now have a really distorted idea of what the everyday person in my town thinks of what I am wearing because I am looking at my outfits from such a "fashion blog" perspective.  An outfit that is moderately tame or ho hum in the fashion blogging sphere can be, and often IS, quite daring in my home town.

 How did you first become interested in fashion?
There really hasn't been a time I wasn't interested in fashion.  When I was five I used to love dresses.  I didn't want to wear anything but. Then as a child I would just pour over the Sears catalog looking at all the different clothes for sale.  As a teenager it was Seventeen and Young and Modern.  I have always loved clothes.  I have always loved fashion.

 What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet right now?
Right now I am loving my new leather vest.  I swear everyone should have one.  It is that versatile!  I also adore my high-waisted skirts.  I just feel so perfectly put together and ladylike in a high-waisted skirt. 

What are some styles that you are on the lookout for summer?
I need a romper.  I know everyone has one.  But I want one too!  Actually, what I really want is a strapless jumpsuit.  Love the long silhouette.  I also need a couple more maxi dresses.  And short shorts with long flowy tops over them!  YES.

What fashion trend do you wish would never come back?
Low rise jeans: uncomfortable, impractical, cold on the bum.  Those few years where I couldn't sit down without checking to make sure my bum wasn't showing were long and arduous.

 For vintage clothing what is your favorite time period and why?
I love the fifties and sixties.  I'm all about accentuating the natural shape of a women, and those periods did that so well.

 What are your tips for finding good thrift finds?
Look at everything.  Seriously.  Every article of clothing in the store.  And look outside your own size.  I am a size two or four.  But I own several vintage size 12 dresses and skirts that fit me perfectly-vintage sizes are THAT different!

Check out more stylishness at her blog, Kimberellie.


  1. She is so cute! What a chic fellow Canadian!

  2. Great post - her style is amazing! This was really fun to read.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

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  4. She is so adorable! Great interview. I love the 3rd pic with the bright skirt and the purple tights. Wish I could get away with that!

  5. oh how adorable she looks! love her sense of style.

    {no, it's not about birds}

  6. Great interview!!! Thanks so much, I've found a new favourite blog!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. oh dear shes like a living doll, so cute!

  8. Lovely interview, love the images you've featured with it~!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  9. I love her. Especially since she's Canadian. I can relate to how she says she wants to dress unconventionally. I like doing that too. It's fun to look completely different than anyone else.

    Great interview. Amazing sense of style.

  10. I adore this post so much. Every outfit was just darling and inspiring!

  11. Great job on the interview! Kimberellie is very inspiring and I really enjoyed learning more about her with your thought-provoking questions!! I understand more about the fashion choices she makes, which is always very interesting to me about bloggers and women in general!


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