Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obsessions Du Jour

1. gay rights

2. vintage hats
3. mint juleps

  1 teaspoon sugar
  3 ounces bourbon

Glass Type: old-fashioned glass

Place 5 or 6 leaves of mint in the bottom of a pre-chilled, dry 12-ounce glass or silver beaker. Add sugar and crush slightly with a muddler. Pack glass with finely cracked ice. Pour a generous 3 ounces of Kentucky bourbon over the ice. Stir briskly until the glass frosts. Add more ice and stir again before serving. Stick a few sprigs of mint into the ice so that the partaker will get the aroma.
(ftr we didn't crack the ice with a muddler)
4. napping

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  1. Vintage hats are my obsession too: I don't know how much hats I have!

  2. The second photo is so sweet! i'm also with you on vintage hats and napping. Though my afternoon naps usually stretch into 5 hours long sleep and i ended staying up til 5am before i go to bed again :D

  3. Loving those vintage hat photos! Ah naptime, I'm always torn by having the opportunity to take a nap myself when Clover does or using the time to get things done while she's asleep. 9 times out of 10 I'll end up opting for the latter though.

  4. Ay ay! love the vintage photos. But just one question, is the first guy really gay? Or is he just participating in the rights for them? He's dumbledore on harry potters movie if i not mistake.

  5. What amazing pictures! I've always wanted a mask like Holly Golightly's. I also love the first picture and the last one with the hats

    -Shoeless Simone

  6. I can so totally get on board with all of these.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Cool! I love the gay rights photos, especially Sir Ian McKellen, he's great!
    And this tinyyy kittyyy on the piano, aaaw <3

  8. Mint juleps and vintage hats. This is my kind of post.

  9. Dreamy dreamy post!! I love vintage hats and that colorful cake is exactly what I need right now ;D

    Love this!

    Classique chérie

  10. I could really go for a great nap right about now...well actually I'm going to be soon, but a nap during the day would be nice.

    I want a vintage hat, I have a couple but they don't fit, I need some that fit.

    I'm all for gay rights. People need to just get over it. They are people too.

  11. I love this post! I've tried this drink with Moonshine however, going to try it with Bourbon as well.

  12. Audrey,The actor Sir Ian Mckellen is gay as well as an advocate for gay rights.

  13. i am so with you on all of these...


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