Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sacramento Stylista:Interview With Brie

It seems like this local interview post is going to be a monthly addition to my blog. There is no shortage of beautiful fashionable people in my town and I am lucky to count many of my friends among them. I love doing this feature as I get to be go to pretty locales and take pictures with my new camera. I've seen Brie's style evolve in the last few years and she is so inspiring. Shortly after the shoot I spotted some killer heels at Thrift Town and just had to have them and we both share a love for vintage dresses. Not only does she have enviable style she is also one of the sweetest people ever.
How long have you lived in Sacramento?
I've lived in Midtown for 3 years now. I grew up in Truckee and went to High School in Roseville.

Favorite local hangouts?
I'd probably say Shady Lady because i like the atmosphere and it's always fun getting dressed up to go there. Other than that i'd say Townhouse and Press Club because that's where the majority of my friends go.

When did you start getting into vintage and fashion?
Definitely when i moved downtown. The girls here are pretty fashionable.
What are some of your favorite vintage and thrift stores?
My friend Marley told me about Bows and Arrows when i first moved here and fell in love with it from the second i walked in the door. Trish and Olivia are sweethearts, so it makes me want to shop there even more. I think the majority of my closet is from there and Cuffs. I'm not too picky about where i shop. I shop at thrift stores like Goodwill, Deseret, SPCA Thrift store..I shop at the local vintage stores, and I shop at forever 21 and Nordstrom even.

How would you describe your style?
I wouldn't consider myself to have a specific style. i think it depends on my mood and where i'm going to be going. I think it would be boring to stick to one type of style.

What are your favorite fashion accessories?
I'm not really too big on accessories. I usually buy a few pieces of jewelry and wear them until they break or i lose them.
Who are your style icons?
Besides my Grandma, i wouldn't say i have a specific style icon. I usually get inspiration from people i see around and friends. I think a lot of the girls in Sacramento are very fashionable in their own ways.

What are your other hobbies?
Other than my horrible shopping addiction, anything where i get to spend time with my friends. I like apartment hunting a lot and i think that's why i move so much. I have no intentions of moving, until i see an awesome place, and I'm like, "i have to live there. I've moved 5 times the 3 years I've lived here. I used to ski when i lived in Truckee and i've only snowboarded a couple times but this winter i think i'm going to take it on.

Favorite books, tv, movies, and music?
I can't say I'm much of a reader. I don't have the attention span for it and it always puts me to sleep after reading 2 sentences. I browse blogs online and read articles here and there but i think i spend most my time listening to and searching for new music. I love finding new bands that i haven't heard of before. There's so much music out there, it's overwhelming sometimes. Right now, I'm hooked on FM Belfast, Local Natives, Fever Ray, and Star Slinger. My "favorite" bands constantly change but I think my forever fav is Arcade Fire. As for TV, I don't own a television. I think it's better that way because when i have friends over, instead of turning on the TV and getting sucked into pointless reality shows, we actually sit and talk about our own reality. If i really want to watch a show or movie, i can just watch it on my laptop. I love Californiacation and i think my favorite movie is probably Marie Antoinette. The soundtrack is amazing.
How has your fashion sense changed over time?
Growing up i was self conscious of my size because I've always been taller and bigger than the other girls. I wouldn't wear heels even because i would tower over everyone. Over time I've learned how to dress for my size and say, fuck it, and wear heels anyways. I dress pretty girly. Tights, dresses and skirts. I don't wear jeans because not only are they uncomfortable and feel restricting, i find them unflattering for my body type.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet right now?
I have a few dresses in my closet that i bought a long time ago but I'm waiting for the right time to wear them. My grandma gave me this big fur coat when i was in Junior High and i thought to myself, "Thanks Grandma, when and where the hell would i ever wear this?' I went through my old closet at my moms house about a year ago and found it and had a fit of excitement. I'm soooo glad i didn't get rid of it.

What is your favorite season fashion wise?
Fall for sure. i feel like i can wear 2 outfits at once. I can have a coat/jacket and a scarf on then take it off inside and It's almost like a wardrobe change haha.
What is your favorite time period for vintage?
The 50s. I really like the pinup style and dresses like an hourglass. I think their style was very classy looking.

What fashion trends do you wish would never come back?
Guys in girls jeans, Uggs, Crocs, pre-ripped jeans, jerseys, xxl tees on boys that should be wearing a medium, and sweatpants with words on the butt.

What are your tips for finding good vintage and thrift finds?
Patience. I shop with an open mind, never really going into it with a specific item in mind.

More photos from the shoot here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Smashing Success

Last weekend I attended  the first Sacramento blogger fashion meet-up at Crimson & Clover, my favorite vintage shop in Sacramento, hosted by the lovely Bella Q of The Citizen Rosebud. It was so nice to meet my fellow local bloggers and be in such stylish company. I have renewed love for my city's vibrant art and retro fashion scene.
Bella looked amazing in her signature polka dot print and pill box hat.
So nice to finally meet  Kari of Juniper James (great blog full of local fashion tips) and Kerry of Fashion Farms and Freedom .
I also met for the first time two bloggers who I was not yet aware of, Lorena of Sac Cycle Chic and Jen of Wade and Associates. They both have lovely blogs as well! I actually found this floral 80s party dress and the store that day and couldn't resist buying it, I do love floral prints so. It was a scorcher that day and I had defiantly wore my new mod long sleeved mini dress but it was sooo uncomforatable in the heat, I'm ready for fall weather.
Kari, Bella Q and Natale of Evelesco. So nice to finally meet her as I follow her blog and she  scored this gorgeous yellow top at C&C that day..most of us fashion bloggers did a little vintage shopping understandably.
This is the inside of the store, gorgeous right? They also have the best prices for vintage boutiques in Sacramento even beating many thrift stores! They always carry pretty stuff that meets a certain aesthetic too.
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph everyone that attended the meet-up but since the first one was such a smashing success I'm sure there will be more and Bella also posted about it on her blog.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

SLAM Interview

I totally forgot to mention I was interviewed earlier this month for S.L.A.M. by the lovely Nikki and you can check it out here if you want.
This week has been crazy busy as per usual. I am going to a fashion blogger meet-up today hosted by my favorite store, Crimson & Clover and the lovely Bella Q and Beatrix's 3rd birthday bash is tomorrow. Earlier this week I want to San Francisco to be in a fashion show for Orlando Shih and ran into a fellow blogger, (for another post). Last weekend I attended a wonderful ballet performance choreographed by my friend Zara Hayes. If I find some pictures I might do a post. I should have taken pictures,the costumes were incredible!  I'm not going to even have time to update my Etsy this weekend as my house is turning into a cupcake factory for the party. Just wanted to drop in and say I will be updating and catch if with my blog reading soon. I have several posts in the works. I also update a bit more on my blog's facebook.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Return to MoMa

Last weekend we spent taking in the Fischer Collection at the MoMa in San Francisco. I took my parents to see the collection. I am so inspired. I love my new camera as well and am pretty much addicted to photography.
We took the train part of the way to the city
We stopped by this Richard Serra sculpture but unfortunately the building was closed, it made an amazing photo through the window though.
dress: crimson and clover, shirt:thrift town
Tony Cragg, Guglie
dress:thrift town
 Beatrix, who is learning all the state capitals, started sing "Little Rock, Arkansas" around this piece (cornish standing stone circle by Richard Long)..adorable!
Bea dancing in front of the Bruce Nauman
She is obsessed with jumping..even in art museums.

 I really enjoyed this Lee Krasner, Polar Stampede.
There are more photos but I shall save that for a subsequent post.

Sold/For Sale

The shop has been taking lots of my time lately. I've had some fun photoshoots as a result of it so I thought I'd share some of the items that I've already sold...
 1940s Dress
1970s Coat
1980s Dress
1980s Boots
1950s coat
 ...As well as the items that are still available in the shop.
1960s Dress s/m
high waisted shorts s/m
1960s Skirt xs/s
Gunne Sax Dress s
 1980s Dress
1980s Dress sale $10
All available on my Etsy Store.
I'm so glad I started the shop finally. I love selling a beautiful product that is unique and good for the environment for a fair price.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prosecutors Will Be Violated

Dirt Cheap 100 % Thrifted Outfit For $5
Today my family and I spent a lovely day meandering around the Delta. We found lots of lovely photo spots along the way. 
 Both Bea's Outfits 100% thrifted
We took some photos for the store including a Gunne Sax and a 1940s dress in the lovely little ghost town of Locke. They even had a lovely little vintage shop there and I tried on this absolutely amazing 1940s swimsuit as well as a breathtaking lavender dress, both out of my price range at the moment unfortunately. I'm so glad I started the store as it is impetus to wake up early and go to Estate Sales, something I would probably otherwise not do. 
 shorts and top:bows and arrows, shoes thrifted
The above photos were taken last weekend and for some reason I didn't feel they merited their own post. I really like them though but the lighting leaves something to be desired. I haven't completely abandoned regular features but for now am focusing on the Sacramento Stylista feature. I just did a photoshoot for the lovely Brie and her interview will be posted soon. I haven't wanted to spend too much time online as the Etsy store requires quite a bit of time online already and that is why I am perhaps postponing some of the other features 'til i get the hang of it. This Saturday we are again going to visit the MOMA in San Francisco. I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


dresses and shoes: thrifted
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. I had a lot of fun with friends and family. Besides pictures of Bea I haven't taken many other subjects for my new camera but I have quite a few collaborations in the works, which will be fun. I think I'm also going to collaborate with some other photographers as a model. My Etsy store is finally up and these fabulous heels are the only things up at the moment. I'm still working on getting most of the items photographed properly.
That is the name and link to the store if you want to add me on your favorites there. I'm pretty excited to finally have a shop and I've already made a sale.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kittens and Bunnies and Unicorns..oh My!

dress: thrift town, shoes: kenneth cole from forever ago, tights: thrift town in package
I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post. I was originally going to a karaoke bar tonight but when the babysitting fell through I told my husband to just go. He had already picked his songs and everything and I can never decide until last minute. It turned out to be an opportunity to update my blog. I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in forever. I wasn't planning on buying an outfit for myself either. The past few days i have been thrifting in a very disciplined manner for the Etsy store. However this dress isn't vintage and I just fell in love with the print. I'm so glad to have found these white tights too. They even have a lovely criss-cross detail on them. Beatrix found the cutest "Madeline" hat as well today. Unfortunately we didn't have time to take her pictures before she fell asleep. We were so busy today shopping, painting and making rice crispy treats that we ran out of time. What a day. My life is as busy and productive as I want it to be and I love it.
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