Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Walk in the Park

 Today was one of those perfectly gorgeous days and Alaric was at Stanford all day for a symposium on evolutionary genomics, so I took Agnes and Beatrix to the park.
I loved how the lighting turned out in the photos.
Beatrix's  dress is secondhand of course.

 We walked home along a magnificent tree-lined avenue.
I got to catch up on reading Infinite Jest while Bea played today.
dress- Thrift Town
sandals- cheap thrills vintage
Later we made chocolate cupcakes and watched Monsters, Inc.


  1. You look stunning in this red dress. It just suits you so well! And YES those are lovely photos of your daughter! The lighting is just perfect!!!

  2. This outfit is lovely! I love the red dress, and the necklace is so bold and funky!

    pretty pictures too :)

  3. I just found your blog.
    And am in love with it.
    You and your family are so adorable.


  4. She's adorable!

    Btw, I found your blog at Pudding & Pie's blog, where I voted for you :)

  5. You look fabulous in RED...
    I love the picture of Beatrix and Agnes, so adorable.


  6. I really can't contain myself of telling you how pretty your child is =), she looks like you but with different hair. Love the pics, red suits you.

  7. I can't get over how adorable your daughter is! So cute in the second hand dress and like I said before on Chictopia I love that color on your! So pretty

  8. The colors in these photos are beautiful. I love your outfit, everything goes so beautifully together.

  9. Thank you! I'm looking into how to make prints and am seriously considering selling them. I hadn't even thought about that until someone else suggested it on the blog.

    My master's is in history, but I took several art history courses while working on it. I actually did the MA that I talked about and then went on to a PhD program and studied 17th century Italian history for a year before I left the program. I was interested in art history, but my focus leaned more towards gender studies. My first year paper was on a cloistered nun in Venice who wrote books that were banned by the Vatican, her relationship with her literary patron and her very intentional self-representations through her epistolary collection. It was really interesting and I got to translate the letters from Italian. What kind of history do you study?

  10. Beautiful shots of the baby ,the red color of the dress i am gaping gaping :) lovely :) quirky style must say :)

  11. Aaaw, your daughter is seriously adorable! i love how her dress matches your dog's fur color too. And you look simply chic with the bold necklace and that red dress :)

  12. You know how beautiful I think Beatrix is, but have I mentioned how enamored I am of Agnes? That dog is gorgeous! I so want a big huge dog. Your little red dress is perfect! I feel like everyone had the best sunny weekend.

  13. Bea playing with the dog is one of the sweetest things ever!
    I love your outfit btw (;

  14. your outfit is amazing! and adorable photos! :)

  15. Hey there Lisa! I'm adding you to my reader now!


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