Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Science

I am so inspired by Beatrix's outfit. It is mismatched perfection that she picked out herself.
chucks: goodwill
skirt and shirt: secondhand
I can't stop wearing this dress. It is so comfortable. In the morning I paired it with another pair of red tights. I've been wearing red tights so much this year and the color red in general. This is the only pic that you can kind of see a little bow that is part of the dress.
I felt I'd been wearing too much red so I changed into these later. I feel like it makes the outfit less plain. Not that there is anything wrong with simplicity.
dress: thrifted
On our daily walk Beatrix was thrilled to see the moon during daylight hours.

I have seen so many other blogs that use the big pics but I'm not sure if I like it as you can't see the whole outfit on the screen at once. Any input would be appreciated.


  1. There's nothing better than finding that perfect black dress you can live in. Red looks great with your hair color and complexion!

  2. Red tights are fantastic but I do love that little black dress with the crazy yellow tights and slouchy boots!

    Did Bea pick out the green tights and skirt together herself? Amazing! She looks so cute!

    Also, I am so glad you love my blog! I love your blog, too! : )

  3. I love your dress and tights! I think red is lovely, though the yellow ones are cool too! Haha Bea is so stylish! Already a pattern mixing queen!

  4. I like to layer my tights sometimes.
    It creates a pretty neat effect.

    Oh and I went to the library and picked up a book I'm in "The Green Beauty Guide".
    You might like it.
    It's got "recipes" in it too.
    So you can make your own skincare and stuff like that.
    It's even got baby products you can make.


  5. Is Beax to young to have her own blog yet?? ooo, and Yes I do partially live in the Bahamas :)

  6. I enjoy seeing all the ways you're styling up your black dress! so cute.

  7. Love it! With either pair of tights!!!

    The Kidlet ran up to me while I was perusing your pictures and said, "Whoooooo DAAAAT WHO DAT!??!?! and I realized he was asking about Bea. Hee hee! Apparently her outfit is not only grownup approved but 2 year old boys like it too. Nice! ;-)

  8. i love it when little girls dress themselves up and they are all mismatched but completely adorable. my daughter does it all the time..

  9. I love the tights -- especially the animal print!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. your girl is gorgeous. I love her outfit, she sure has in her veins your truly fashion style! You both look amazing.

  11. Oh my, little Bea picked this look herself? God, she looks SO cute! Like you said, a kind of mismatched coolness :)

  12. so sweet that she picked her outfit all by herself...

    your pup is adorable too!

  13. Both pairs of tights looked great!

  14. Love the tights (second pair). Totally love the outfit. Oh, and your daughter's outfit is marvelous. I would love it in me size!!

    And YES to the big pics. I can see the whole outfit at once on my screen (perhaps I have a bigger screen than normal??). But yes, I like bigger pics because my eyesight is not what it could be!!

  15. She is seriously the cutest girl I have seen. She obviously gets her incredible fashion sense from her mommy.

  16. aww her outfit is so adorable!
    i love your tights!


  17. oh my god the lil girl is such a fab poser. i wanna pinch her cheeksssss!




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