Monday, April 26, 2010

The Fabulous Five

Each month I will be featuring five amazing thrifted or vintage outfits from other style blogs. Here are my April picks. 
 Thrift Candy was one of the first blogs I found when I started my site. Missa has such a relaxed yet fun and innovative style and most of her clothes are thrifted. She also is a very sweet and gracious blogger.  I really loved the bohemian feel of this outfit and the red shoes and bag really make it stand out.
I found Molly on chictopia and fell in love with this American Apparel dress. I love the pattern of the tie dye. She has other amazing styles that can be found on  La fille Atomique.
I just found Virgin's blog via a link on someone's blog. I love this colorful 90's inspired outfit and the girl knows how to work a camera. She can be found on Vintage Virgin for more awesome thrifted styles.
I found this outfit on chictopia too and love the combination of florals and sheer black top. More lovely thrifted outfits by Heraid can be found on her blog, Poorly Fashioned
 I fell in love with this brown dress and the accessories make it look even more great. I found Kristen on chictopia as well and am so glad I did.  She has such amazing vintage style. She can be found at Leproust Vintage.

Don't forget to submit your photo for the contest by Friday. Please check the post for more details I've added about it. I've already received some lovely submissions and am excited for the voting to begin.


  1. What wonderful pics! I love Missa's bag.

  2. Good choices, I really like the last picture!

  3. Well thank you thank you Lisa, I'm honored to be included :)

    I'm a fan of that last outfit as well. Wonderful dress, I love the subtle yet interesting details, and I love how she accessorized it too.

  4. These are all wonderful! I will try and get an entry in by Friday :) and thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  5. awwww thanks alot for showing me some vintage love! i really love the fact that you're an AWESOME MOM like me and still fashionable!

    peace, love and vintage

  6. Oh, what a great idea!! Love these looks, esp the second to last one. I may get in a pic by Friday. No, I will! Well, I hope I will. ;-)

  7. clever... I like that! and introducing me to new bloggy's to follow :)

  8. the last outfit is by far my favourite one! ♥
    and I love the idea of showing looks you like :D
    XOXO ^^


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