Friday, April 23, 2010

Castle on my shirt

Beatrix helped me pick out my outfit today. She had a lot of fun although I did veto the shorts in favor of a skirt. We went to a big playground in the morning.

tee: crimson & clover $1
skirt: thrifted
shoes: thrift town

top and skirt: secondhand gift

We went to a thrift town today to get a few things and turn in my punch card.  I've been cutting back on shopping lately but found some dresses for the summer and sandals for Bea. I also found the necklace pictured above that matched my outfit perfectly. I am not used to how big the pictures are. The step between large and extra large is quite a leap.  Looking forward to the weekend although we are mainly just studying. What are your plans?


  1. Aww that necklace is adorable.
    I love that skirt as well.
    As well as Bea's skirt.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing yet this weekend.
    I might go to a biker rally with my friend.
    Or we're going to the record store.
    Gotta see what's up in a few hours.


  2. Lovin both outfits! Your shoes have an awesome color! I get to relax this weekend but next week I have testing, that results if you pass the 9th grade or not. I am not really stressing out about it though.

  3. Such a cute outfit, I love the color of your shoes! And Beatrix's outfit is simply adorable :)

  4. lovelovelove it! i really like the knee highs and those shoes, what a great color! and as always B looks cute as a bug!

  5. Hooray, I love finding other cool mom fashion blogs! Thanks for leaving me a Chictopia comment, that's how I found you. I am loving your style and your little girl is way incredibly DARLING!

  6. she's soooooo cute !!!!!!!

    =* =)

  7. Well I must say that she has fabulous taste. You look fantastic.

  8. Girl, you have some major style!! I love everything about your outfit... especially the top! It's soo something that I'd wear :-)

  9. I'm not sure who looks cuter!!! Love the x-large photos btw :) And I'm excited about the contest! If I don't have any 100% thrifted outfits posted, I'll be sure to do one this week :)

    transmission me

  10. I love Bea's outfit! She looks so adorable.

    Thanks for your well wishes btw. They made me feel a bit better mentally at least. =)

  11. i love your daughter's top, i want to have one like that. you're both fabulous. i was looking at your past post too, I missed some. You know how to dress up

  12. I'm to old for the over the knee socks, but I love it! It looks cool on you. Love it!

  13. Super cute outfit.. and your little one is adorable. :) I've recently been playing with my photo's as well and am still getting use to the "in your face" size photos... I might go back to "large".. hee hee. Take care!

    xx Love & Aloha

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  14. She is such a cupcake! Love her designs for you.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  15. Your daughter looks SO SO cute. And I love your outfit too! My plans are: get the heck off the computer and eat some icecream!!

    heart: ME

  16. I really love yir outfits, oth are so cute! especially your shirt :)
    Maybe sh'll be a stylist when she's older?! ;)

  17. You are both so cute and stylish! I love that her name is Beatrix ^,^

  18. I love your turquoise shoes and Bea's springy floral outfit is super adorable!


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