Friday, April 9, 2010

April Madness

I've had so many outfit posts that I wanted to do but didn't have time. I finally got some photos today. I broke my camera that I had just fixed but luckily I have a spare one I forgot about.  I don't like it as much but it will do in a pinch. I'm looking into getting a better camera. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good model? I will most likely get a used one.

This morning was a bit crazy. I was planning on going thrifting with my sister but couldn't get out of the door right away as the power went out and then Beatrix just fell asleep super early. My poor husband is taking a crazy class this quarter that requires at least 4 hours of homework per day so I'm juggling a little more then usual.

This is the debut of the trousers I found on the dollar rack while on vacation.  I haven't gone thrifting since our vacation a month ago! The shirt was found in a giveaway bag on a neighbor's lawn. It was a very stylish neighbor who owns a vintage store who couldn't take all her stuff when she moved to New York. I've had those shoes forever.

The necklaces are from various thrift and vintage shops.

The one good thing that came about from smashing my camera is  I found some really cool photos from April of last year. This was our first hike with Beatrix to Feather Falls.
This is one happy puppy. Agnes loves hikes as does the whole family.

I've received my third blog award the other day so I decided to post them all today before I forget. The first two awards are from the very lovely blogger,  looking glass vintage.

I pass on the award to starr crow, calivintage,  meggstatus, rebecca,  delightfully tacky, cats and dogs, leproust vintage,  night lights, fade to black, and versicle.

With this award you say 7 things about yourself if you accept the award and I pass it on to lemondrop vintage, kimberellie, curious mel, two styles one city, kelley anne, lucy marmalade, off of broadway, the girl from hk ldn & sf, thrift candy, and make cupcakes not war

My  third award is from the wonderful Chloe of  make cupcakes not war.
I pass on the award to thrift eye, she got a ticket 2 ride,  orphaned apparel,  the girl under the stairs, looking glass vintage, simply hope,  tyler january,  the way i do,  song of the exile,  q' s day dream, strawberry koi, liebemarlene.
That was quite a long list but  I love passing on some blog love to these deserving bloggers. If you want to accept the nomination just pass keep passing it on like I did and please let me know if you do it!
The seven things about myself  that you may not know are 
1. I lived in Germany for a year as an au pair when I was 18. I love traveling and different cultures.
2. I was a hair stylist for 5 years and have had pretty much every color and style imaginable
3. I love my dog Agnes, so much that I can't even think of eating meat or even dairy because of the cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industry.  I also have way fewer health problems and a lot more energy as a result.
 4. I think it is obvious that I love vintage and thrifting but you may not know that last year I took a pledge to not buy clothes that may have been made in a sweat shop. It hasn't been easy, but  I feel better knowing I am not supporting such a cruel form of modern day slavery. I started this blog just to show people that it is possible to be fashionable and more ethical. I also just adore clothing. Dressing up is so fun!
5. I love music and watching music videos. Pitchfork is an online magazine that has an amazing selection of artistic videos.
6. I love my life. I  have an awesome family and I am in school studying what I enjoy. I aim to learn something new everyday. Living in beautiful California is an added bonus.
7.  I drink green tea every morning. I save the coffee for when I really need it.
Before I forget here is the apple gallette recipe that was requested a few posts ago. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. these pants look fantastic! and 1 $, what a steal! I also love the photo of this beautiful waterfall! totally looks like a place I wanna go someday :)

  2. Thank you! I love your blog and was really happy to find out more about you. I really respect your pledge not to buy sweat shop items. And your pants look amazing.

  3. The more I learn about you, the more I like you!
    The girl has style and conviction.

    Thank you for the nomination will post soon, Muah! xox

  4. Love the outfit, the trousers are really cute

  5. yay! thanks so much for the award! that's so fun and i can't wait to pass it on to others. and i love those trousers! i can't believe that they were only a dollar. they are perfect on you!

  6. i love your pants so much! and your daughter looks so cute <333
    anyway, thanks for the award! appreciate it =]]

  7. Thank you so much for the award! That was really sweet:) That is so cool you were a hair stylist! Lovin those pants with the leopard! So Chic

  8. Interesting post! Your dog is lovely and looks quite huggable. I love the $1 trousers and the fab top~! Your necklace layering is soooo fabulous.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  9. Thanks for the award dear!I just love these trousers on you, and good choice with the basic tank as the top, it looks wonderful!!

  10. thank you!

    I totally wish some times I could be an au pair...I want to just travel around the world in that way sometimes

  11. Thanks for the award Lisa, I really appreciate it! I liked reading your list of things, especially the one about buying clothes not made in sweat shops! Also love the trousers, they look amazing on you!

  12. Those trousers look fabulous on you! I love them.

  13. ah! i love this look! your bangs are so chic!

  14. the trousers look great on you...

    you have such a beautiful family!

  15. Nice pants,look really lovely on you ;)

  16. Oh i am in LOVE with your pants!
    they suit you :) you're so skinny
    loving the pictures
    great blog!!
    stop by some time xx

  17. Loving the layered jewelry! And I like that you paired trousers with leopard print, it really gave the outfit an edge. Fabulous! Your family is adorable and so glad you have such an awesome neighbor :)

    ~ megan
    transmission me

  18. First can I just say, in all caps to express my sincerity, THOSE ARE THE COOLEST NECKLACES EVER. Seriously. I am in awe. And thanks so so much for the blog award!

  19. you are seirulsy so pretty! cant get over it! I saw you on chictopia and so happy I found your blog....what a treasure. Love your outfit here! Those pants are killer...same with that top! x

  20. Thanks for the award Lisa!

    Those pants are the perfect fit, I've been hoping to find a pair like them, and I love the necklace layering too.

    It was fun to learn more about you :)

  21. Thank you so much for the award love, and the sweet comment!

    I love this outfit, the pants are perfect! :)

    Aya ( )

  22. I love your layers of necklaces <3

  23. Your daughter is soo cute! i love this outfit, hat pants and layered necklace are awesome. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

  24. Those pants are totally awesome on you! Love the shirt too! And love the seven things about you! So impressive what you are doing avoiding sweatshops etcetera. Oh, and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL (I am always so impressed by her adorableness!).

  25. Cool top! And congrats on the awards!

  26. What a dynamic family you coming to your blog and seeing the outfits and where the recent travels have taken you :)

  27. Great pictures of you and your family including Agnes. Congratulations on the award. Thanks also for sharing random things about yourself. I haven't had any color for my hair except black. I love your top and the accessories are wow.

  28. Your family is so, so gorgeous!! I love that you found that adorable tank in a neighbor's giveaway pile. What a great find!

  29. oops! I accidently hit post before I was ready....I hate when that happens!

    Thank you for the blog award! :) I loved reading your tidbits!

  30. how cute are you in those glasses! I love it

  31. Lisa,
    Thank you so very much for giving Sara and I that award it means so much to us! We love your blog as well! We put a shout out/thank you in our two for tuesday post. Thanks again and keep up the great blog.


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