Monday, April 12, 2010

Myopic Vision

Yesterday we went to the Farmers' Market. I had planned on taking more pictures but it was so cold, windy and rainy that we just wanted to go home. The slow shutter speed on this camera makes for some interesting pictures though.

That evening we had a debacle at the laundromat.  Some lady started banging her doors deliberately into our car because she had parked her car too close to ours. She was upset at my husband who had told her she should move her car when she asked us to move the car. It was quite frightening for me and Bea who were both in the car. We decided to to leave and dry our clothes at another place. The attendant at the new place was so sweet and offered to take our picture.

At the grocery store later we took some more pics. We were pretty exhausted by then.
Evan Picone Blazer: Goodwill $1
pleated skirt: thrifted
blouse: thrifted in Fort Bragg
shoes: bought in Paris years ago

Alaric found this gem of a sweater on saturday at a local thrift store.

 Beatrix was pretty tired at this point although she did start headbanging to Blondie.

This is how I styled the outfit on our vacation last month. This photo was taken at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. There wasn't much glass left.

blazer: thrifted
shirt:thrifted in Fort Bragg
polyester pants: neighbor's lawn


  1. I love Alaric's last outfit! Oh, and the red tights on you?-awesome. Glad to know that we aren't the only family completely exhausted by the end of the day!

    Oh my goodness about the banging car door lady! Our car is new and has no door dings yet (we park far away, I know, it's a little obsessive). But if that were me? I would get out of the car and give her what for!! Oh would I ever! Here, I am really angry for you at the _______. People are SO RUDE!

    But you guys-such a stylish wonderful family. Also, I just realized, I really like the name Alaric. And if I ever have another son, I might name him that!!

  2. in love with your tights and skirt! :O :O :O
    and your little girl is so so cute :) xx

  3. Your husband's sweater is Awesome with a capital A!

  4. The beach at Fort Bragg looks amazing.
    You and Beatrix make grocery shopping look like fun!

  5. what a frightening story! some people are so weird and strange some times that it's scary to want to stick up for yourself even when you know you're right. what an evil woman. Best to leave those people alone, they are miserable everywhere they go.

  6. How scary, ugh what's that lady's problem? That's so rude and mean! Hope you guys are all right! Love your blouse, it kind of reminds me of a Victorian or cowgirl shirt :) Alaric's sweater is really awesome too!

  7. That's awful. I work at a public library and sometimes crazy people will come in and start shouting at us for no reason and then talking to themselves. One of them even insulted my co-worker's complexion was very strange. Luckily though it doesn't happen that often.

    Anyway, I love your outfit. It looks good with the red and black tights.

  8. I want your camera, it takes such amazing photos! I love beatrix's little hand on her head while she's is in the cart, Alaric's sweater is the bomb too.

  9. when I was about 3, I fell out of the grocery cart... my mom rolled me over to the frozen food section, got a pack of frozen spinach, and i held it on my head until I got home :) I love family supermarket trips!

  10. Headbanging to Blondie?! Your little girl is cool! :)

    I love the whimsical touch of your outfit and this rad sweater your husband found! You are such a stylish couple :)

  11. I think your outfit is so cute. Love the full skirt! Oh I want to visit the farmer's market!!! Ahh... I shall do that when I have the chance :) That neon sweater is trippy and so funky! :)

  12. You actually found pants on a neighbour's lawn? That's so awesome! Hey, I'm having a outfit competition on my blog and I'd love it if you'd enter with your amazing style. It doesn't have to be a new photo, but the deadline is tomarrow.

  13. these shots are absolutely fantastic!

  14. Yay Co-op! My partner and I met while working there in 2005!

    Girl you got legs for miiiles!

    I love the new blog look :-)


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