Friday, February 5, 2010

Where is the Moon?

Bea was so excited about her photo shoot but refused to smile. Nevertheless she still looks adorable and embodies the toddler rebel without a cause in these photos. She is really good at playing the harmonica and loves running with our dog Agnes. Last night she was very concerned as the moon was not out. She has been asking me all day where it is and is anticipating it's arrival tonight hopefully. She picked out everything but the blouse which I suggested she wear. Her outfit is a vintage blouse and leggings from her dad and his family's old baby clothes collection. The hat we got while thrifting.


  1. AHH so adorable! I like those leggings on her :) Oh and that 4th photo looks so much like a model pose!

  2. She's so adorable. Your daughter has a great sense of fashion, I think I know where she got it from. I'm now officially following your blog:) Do you want to trade links?

  3. Bea is the sweetest little bean ever! And honey it is not strange *at all* to be stoked to be alone. I was still nursing at that age but would have killed for some alone time. I still haven't spent more than three nights away from Mycelia, but man have I loved those times. I can't believe your hubby went on a road trip for a week alone with a two year old!


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