Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painter in your Pocket


I should go out dancing every night because I never feel the need to put make-up on the day after. Last night I had a fun girl dance excursion! I'm talking to my husband in the pics. It turns out they are both having a great time. Bea is playing with her cousins and Alaric is catching up with friends and family. So today I posted those shoes I  just thrifted. They aren't quite ready for a close-up because I didn't have the time or desire to polish them today. The socks are from Target and the shirt is too but were bought awhile ago. Alaric made the logo, destroyer, which is a band that does not sound anything like the name would imply. The socks were bought before I found sock dreams, who makes many wonderful eco-friendly socks.I made the shorts from old jeans and the jacket was found while thrifting. I have a busy day today sort of: I'm doing my mom's hair and studying for my first exam.


  1. Good luck on your exam. Your socks are adorable...just out of curiosity, where do you find ethical socks?

  2. i loved this and your other looks! :))
    beautiful socks *-*

  3. Kelley Anne, I should have mentioned in the post so I updated it. Good question:) has a wonderful selection and free shipping. (am appy is pretty good to)

  4. She's a cat. Thanks for the comment! You just made my day go from quite bad to good in about 30 seconds.


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