Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Day

Today we had a ton of errands to do but first we stopped by a thrift store that was having a huge sale. We found so much for so little. Pretty much everything I got was $1! Beatrix picked out this cute dress today and wanted to wear it right away. Can't wait to watch ice skating tonight.  I forgot to mention how I found Bea's valentine dress posted yesterday right before she came into town. It was perfect timing. 
acid wash skinnys:thrifted $5
purse: 1980's thrifted
belt:vintage with lion emblems thrifted


  1. Thank you for checking out my blog. Now I'm following it :)

  2. She's so adorable. I know, I went to a 50% off sale yesterday at Savers and found so much stuff. It was wonderful.

  3. i love your shoes, and beatrix is so incredibly well dressed! =)

  4. Love the outfit! You look great! I esp. love the shoes! I see you got your little girl back! :-) Must be hard to be parted! I am hoping to stop by a thrift store today, we'll see if my son is "up for it"!

    ice skating = totally heart it

  5. It's crazy how an attitude can translate into a style of clothing. A simple t-shirt and jeans suddenly transforms into a great retro look. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. thrifting for a dollar! I wish my thriftstore had sales like that! I love the look your sporting!

  7. Thanks for leaving such sweet comments everyone!

  8. oh my, she's the cutest thing ever. what a happy little girl!!


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