Friday, February 12, 2010

Sock Obsession

I am trying out a trendy look from Japan with my new socks in the first scrunched look. At first I thought this trend was kind of ugly but now I  think it can look cute if done right. I have a hard time deciding how to wear these socks. They are thicker than my other over the knee socks so seem to be made to scrunch. The shoes I got in Paris a long time ago when I was visiting a friend and my bag got stolen on the train. I am going to be sad when it is summer as I love socks and tights so much.
socks:sock dreams


  1. all 3 looks are great! my fav is the 3rd one....should be on top of a cupcake :)

  2. This is totally a good idea you look super cute! I love Japanese style i.e the Lolita chicks look super cool!
    From Dolly

  3. love socks and tights too:)

    I'm following you now!


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