Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the Mood for Love

I had such an awesome birthday today. We decided to go to an estate sale today but never actually made it because we found this wonderful little granny thrift store in the suburbs and stayed too long. That is where I got this necklace that matches my outfit perfectly for $4. We also went to a kids' secondhand shop and that is where Bea got her outfit for the shoot. Still haven't had dinner yet but it is from my favorite takeout joint and Alaric got a peanut butter chocolate pie and coconut ice cream for dessert. Sounds like an interesting combo. I adore cheong sams and wish I could  wear them every day like in my favorite movie by Wong Kar-Wai, In the Mood for Love. It is such a gorgeous movie although a bit sad.
Bea is wearing:
dress: Once upon a Child
Lisa is wearing:
dress: second hand shop
necklace:granny thrift store
Alaric is wearing:
blazer,shirt,pants and tie thrifted
shoes:gift from Dubai


  1. What a stylish family you all are! I love your dress and necklace and Bea's peter pan collar. That movie was so beautiful...I just saw it last year and was so blown away by the mood it set through the visuals and music and the fabulous vintage clothing. Happy Birthday! It sounds wonderful and I can't wait to hear how the peanut butter chocolate pie and cocanut iced cream combo turned out.

  2. Happy Birthday hon!! I'm glad you had such a great time :)

  3. Oh I love the cheongsam! I've always wanted one! I really should go look for one. I also have wanted to see In the Mood for Love, I'll have to check it out soon! Haha are those little pink converses Bea's wearing? Alaric looks so stylish too :) Hope you had a splendid birthday!

  4. That are so lovely shots! Happy Bday, i'll remember yours 'cus mine is tomorrow! I hope you truly had a wonderful bday ;). I love your girls clothes!

  5. Adorable family with great senese of style. lovely!!

  6. Ahhh! all of you have such great sense of style even the little one!

    From Dolly

  7. Happy Birthday!
    You all look stunning..

  8. Happy belated bday! Love the overknee socks
    x, fashionnerdic

  9. Aw, your family is so wonderful looking! I love your dress especially -- I have a soft spot for dresses like that, though I don't currently own one. Hmmm...I must now find one. Happy Birthday!


  10. So I'm late for the party. Sorry. But happy birthday! And your dress is just gorgeous.

  11. that really suits you! I like it.
    thanks for following my blog! (:

  12. What an adorable family you have! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My b'day was the 19th! Crazy!


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