Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stillness is the Move

     I really wanted to do a photo shoot for Beatrix but she was so tired and slept too long. I will definitely take some of her tomorrow as I need a break. I've just recently acquired some phenomenal finds. Alaric forgot his belt at Crimson and Clover and I just had to get this Gunne Sax dress that I had tried on last time when I went to pick it up today. So glad it was still there!  The second outfit I wore yesterday and is a little more adventurous. I got the sweater at Bows and Arrows and made the shorts from old jeans.The shoes are a thrift find. 
    I had to argue with my philosophy teacher why I found Plato's arguments in Phaedo not very solid early this morning. Not very fun as he seems to be a big fan. I was the only one adamantly against which was basically a fancy reincarnation argument. I am by no means saying it is impossible but impossible to prove. Next time I will have to more prepared! 
Thanks for all the comments last time! If I haven't got back to you I will soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with your second outfit. The sweater, the tights, the shoes.... everything <3 I wish I cold pull off that look! You look awesome by the way.... thanks for posting! :)

  2. So glad you like it:) You could totally pull of something like that!

  3. LOVE that little gunne sax dress!

    I've gotten so behind on my blog reading lately, but I enjoyed catching up on your outfits and Bea's too! Clover was sitting with me and kept pointing to all the pictures of her and saying lookit momma, lookit! She likes Bea's style and was very excited to see they have the same Radio Flyer bike too, actually she thought that Beatrix was riding HER bike. I explained ;)

    p.s. So jealous of your week alone!


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