Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awkward photo Day

Today I thought would post the awkward pictures as most of them turned out that way. Taking the pictures is my least favorite part of blogging but I love having an outfit record that I could refer to in a pinch. I've had this thrifted blouse for awhile and love the effect it has over my gold corset. I got some shoe polish today and some shoe glue and am planning on doing a bit of repairing and alterations on my clothes and shoes this weekend. I must confess when I was younger  I used to just get rid of stuff because I was too lazy to get a thread and needle out.
Shoes: Ann Taylor brogues from Crimson & Clover Vintage
pants:Urban Outfitters from forever ago
blouse: thrift find


  1. Lovely blouse! I don't like taking outfit pictures either, I always feel so awkward or silly in them...but it's really nice to have a record of my outfits on my computer, especially if I'm in a bind and can't figure out what to wear. Or sometimes I become quite shocked at some of the things I wore a year ago...

  2. love that blouse cause it looks like you can dress it up or down... pretty pretty!


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