Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Perfect Day

Today was very busy and oh so fun. It helped that I was wearing this lovely cheongsam. We started out by going to my favorite vintage shop, Crimson and Clover to spend some leftover birthday money. I found a few amazing pieces including a 1960's peach cocktail dress and a victorian lace and velvet robe. Alaric found some awesome yellow tennis shoes and a couple awesome vintage 70's summer shirts. The store is kind of overwhelming because although it is small all the pieces are handpicked and so beautiful and not too expensive. After that we tried out a new raw food restaurant that my sister works at and treated us to. We had pesto pizza, thai coconut soup and a chocolate smoothie. It was so decadent and delicious.
cheongsam and shoes: vintage thrifted
After that we headed to my brother's baby shower. I gave my niece Sofia her belated birthday present and photographed her in it.
gunne sax dress: thrifted
It was so nice to see friends and family whom it had been too long since we had hung out with. I am so lucky to know such amazing people. I had to photograph Zara's hat. Her boyfriend is an artist and made it completely from masking tape. 

Beatrix's cousin Hana had quite a bit of fun at the water table at the party. She and Beatrix are the best of friends.
dress: secondhand
I almost forgot this morning I found out I won my first blog giveaway on Sally Jane Vintage. It is a Rare Treasure vintage sweater. I'm so excited!
We are all pretty exhausted and didn't make it to the art walk  unfortunately. Bea didn't get a nap and pretty much crashed when we got home. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.


  1. That hatis darling! Bea and her cousin look alike :)

  2. word of the day: AMAZING! your outfit = amazing. that hat: amazing. Crimson in Clover, in Sactown, yes? I LIVE in Sactown. Met you via your blog on the internet, amazing. Congrats on your SJV win! She also, is amazing.

  3. Your niece's dress is beautiful! What a great present!

  4. email me would ya?

    would love to meet up and thrift shop with you.

  5. your dark hair and pale skin always look so pretty in green colors!

  6. Love the dress, but can't wait to see that sweater styled.
    Congrats on the win.
    I never enter blog giveaways...I think I should start!

  7. Congrats on the sweater!!! What a jewel!! I love your outfit, and I just adore the dress you gave your niece, it is amazing. Happy Mother's Day sweetie!!

  8. That is a beauuutiful dress you gave your niece! I love how crisp the shape of your dress. Congrats on the give-away! Can't wait to see you in that sweater!

  9. Wow that dress looks amazing on you and so perfect with those shoes! I LOVE that little gunne you thrifted for your neice. I have a neice about her age who I love to thrift dresses for too.

    That is the most incredible hat, I can't believe it's tape, crazy! Congrats on your contest win and I hope you had a really wonderful Mother's Day!

  10. Wow, you picked out a gorgeous present for her! It's so age-appropriate yet very stylish. Man, to have an aunt like you!

    Live Love LA

  11. Stunning! I do believe that dress was made exactly for you, my dear :)


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