Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Come up to Kool

 dress: secondhand
shoes: thrifted
I scored this gorgeous blouse last weekend at Crimson & Clover Vintage Shop and am love with the print and lace trim. Lace makes everything better. 
 jeans: uo from forever ago
shoes: c&c
tee: C & C

 How was everyone's Mother's Day? I had a really relaxing day. Alaric made me pancakes for breakfast and later we went to my mom's house for dinner. Today was my last day of school before summer break and consequently I am quite excited!


  1. I love the combination of plaid and lace. It's so unexpected. And hooray for summer break!

  2. That is a great top. Plaid for summer is a bit harder to find, and it deserves to be worn year round!

  3. That last pic of you and your daughter is too cute.
    I love that it's a bit fuzzy.
    Totally goes with the mood of the shot.
    Great finds for the whole fam!

  4. oh my gosh your dog is so cool!!

  5. What an ADORABLE family!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your pastel top. Great shirt on Alaric--I want one o' those for my hubby :) and your daughter is so, so darling!

  6. The pictures of you guys are so cute! :) I agree, lace does make everything better. I follow your chictopia and was happy to have found your blog :)


  7. Your daughter is so adorable. I'm so in love with the last photo.

    Gorgeous blouse. Crimson and Clover!! Runaways song...well actually Joan Jett song, but still, awesome song, wonder if that's where they got the name for the store from.

  8. Adorable top! My hubby made me pancakes on Mother's Day too, chocolate chip ones, he knows me so well ;)


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