Sunday, May 9, 2010

Congratulations Marla

Congratulations Marla of Versicle whose gorgeous orange and camel thrifted outfit looks amazing and somehow effortless. I am looking forward to doing an interview and feature on her soon. She has such great taste. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated.


  1. Yes I love the outfit she wore in that photo! Inspired because I have the same scarf!

  2. I arrived too late to vote but I'd have voted for Marla anyway! super cute outfit...

  3. Yay, I loved her outfit. It's so gorgeous!

    Ps. I love your dress in that last post, and the white dress you gave as a gift is beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Her scarf is so beautiful. I hope you had an amazing mothers day, you deserve it!

  5. Love this look. I need that hat.

    Also, if I wasn't in the running I so would have voted Marla. As it was, such a thing would have showed a total lack of confidence in my own outfit. Sort who would vote for the president who votes for the other guy?

    ;-) Excited about the interview! The last one was great!


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