Sunday, September 25, 2011

living the life of an enchanted fairy tale through the eyes of a child

dress thrift town
My daughter turned 4 this weekend. I feel so lucky to have such a delightful little girl. Her enthusiasm for life infects all those around her. She is also a serious little girl at times, intent on learning as much about the world as she can. I am also inspired by her fun sense of fashion. Sparkly shoes, polka dot dresses, stripes, baby doll dresses all fashion ideas that I love for myself.


  1. aw so sweet :) I hope you gals had a nice day!


  2. Your daughter is adorable! Love the dress your wearing :)

  3. amazing dress and your daughter is beautiful!

    i'm from sac too!

  4. She is pretty amazing. And her parents are cool too. Happy Bday Beatrix! xo. -Bella Q


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