Wednesday, September 7, 2011

having fun is the cause of and solution to all your problems

I've been purging my closet but today had the bright idea of cutting sleeves off of certain dresses and transforming them. It was so fun! Then I went used car shopping and what a shady business that is. I wanted a grandpa car, vintage and substantial and very hood. The first car was a 1987 mercury grand marquis.dark red. Still a possibility. It was such a smooth ride just not in the best condition. Then there was this powder blue 1991 cadillac de ville that sounded too good to be true. and it was. Three young men met is us in a parking lot to sell us "deceased grandma's" car from texas. yeah right young hooligans. that is not a pink slip and we are not retards. So buying a used car for under 2k is a very shady business. wish me luck!
On to the renewed vintage project I undertook on a whim today.
I got this vintage dress online and the sleeves were literally falling off.(Even so my good artist friend Adam is using this photo for an oil painting he is working on)
I had it in the giveaway pile and had decided to try to fix it. ta da.
The renewed version
I absolutely loved this 60s schoolgirl outfit from bows and arrows but could never wear it for some reason and had almost given up on trying, until today I realized that the sleeves were the awkward part of the dress.This was a blog post from last year and the only time I wore the epicness,

yes I like mini skirts... a lot. whatevs.

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  1. Cute looks. I like the first makeover first. It looks a lot better after you took the sleeves off!


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