Monday, September 5, 2011

you don't have to be rich to look like a millionaire

Just got back from New York. I still wear clothes just haven't posted an outfit in forever. This summer has been insanely busy.
 It was fun to watch the kids play in the fountain and get dirty snow cone faces.
blouse is vintage. shorts bows and arrows. sandals used but awesome. fake tattoo courtesy of beatrix.
I am considering changing my blog name so might be moving locations soon, we shall see. I am a bit tired of the pure vintage aesthetic although I am not over high-waisted. I am considering blogging more. I want to do everything and style blogging has such an amazing community as well as gives me impetus to be more awesome. I do want to blog about more than clothing. I have tons of opinions on just about everything and have been frequently told I have very astute observations. Taking photos, modeling, writing, conversation, art, learning, improving.  I want to conglomerate the diverse passions I have into something incredible.
some of what I have been up to this summer...
 coat $1 from bows and arrows.  photographer: in la who is amazing.

 photographer bruce martin
in vintage slip
LA in goodwill sweater and guess stilletos from freestyle.
Yes I wear used shoes. who cares?
shoes:thrift town. shorts: crimson and clover. top: vintage
bodysuit: am appy
photographer: jmeister chicago
kevin rolly awesomeness
I have been very busy being part of art modeling and am also planning on having a showing of my photography work in the  near future. These will be exclusive, never before seen photos and not available online.


  1. aw welcome back :)
    those blue high waist shorts are so great on you, and I love love the recent photos! You are so beautiful :)

    Take care, and keep us tuned on your new blog!

  2. All those shots are amazing but those blue high-waisted shorts are amazingly awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney


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