Friday, March 5, 2010

Fairytale Town


Went with Bea and her grandma from out of town to fairytale town and had so much fun. It is a totally retro toddler paradise. I went there when I was little. Her favorite part was watering the plants or when she says it, rubber pants. We have sort of an amazing weekend planned. Tomorrow we are going wine tasting and Sunday we are going on a day trip to San Francisco. I feel like I'm on a pre-vacation. It is definitely getting me in the mood. Just found out today we are most likely going to visit New York City this summer! I've never been so I'm very excited. What are some of your vacation plans?
Bea is wearing:everything thrifted


  1. You both look great! I cannot believe all of that is thrifted.

    With Love,

    From Dolly

  2. Very cute. Sounds like a wonderful place. It's always fun when you're little one has fun, hey?

    --did I ask you already about being on my "Mom Fashion Bloggers Unite" list? If not, would you like to be on it? (I confess, I already put you on it; but I can also take you off if you want)/ :-)

    vacation plans=camping on a purdy little island with the baby (who will be a toddler then) and some friends and their toddlers!! So exciting!

  3. That has got to be the cutest little girl in the world. WITH THE BEST LITTLE-GIRL HAIRCUT IN THE WORLD! That's the cut I had when I was younger, too. Tres francais. J'adore! :)

  4. Bea is such a little fashionista like her momma!
    Have fun in the city that never sleeps... Making plans to fly south for the summer...Hopefully it will be Hazy, Hot & Humid!

  5. Your daughter is flipping adorable.

  6. Bea is so fabulous! Love the pink ensemble on her! I wish there was an adult playground like that...or at least I wish I were smaller so I could run around and ride those horses! Ah, youth :)

  7. have you checked out
    Its a great online thrift store for children.

  8. oooooo we have a place just like this called Story Land and I absolutely LOVE it! Its totally antique and amazing. I grew up going there and my husband and I went on one of first dates there.


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