Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day of Play

The weather has been amazing lately so I didn't even check before I put on this sundress. It was a bit too big so I tied the back. When I went outside the weather was cloudy but luckily when we got to the park the sun came out.

I match the playground and am wearing a thrifted dress.
We found a ton of awesome old books while on vacation. Alaric is pictured reading Giles Goat-boy by John Barth. 
Alaric is wearing:
shorts: American Apparel
tee and vintage jacket: thrifted
sandals and shirt: Once Upon a Child Secondhand
shorts: secondhand


  1. looks like a really fun day! plus you all look fabulous and its sunny!

  2. Your dress is sweet and does match the background well! Perfect springy day and outfits.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Love that yellow necklace. Looks like delicious candy.

  4. i love that your entire family is thrifty! that is my dream!


  5. lovely! such a beautiful family-day :)
    and what a nice neighborhood ♥

  6. Love that dress on you! Love how you match the playground! What a beautiful well dressed family you have! You make life look so lovely? And it is, isn't it? (when you're not shirking your packing boxes duty that is, which I am, um...).

    Oh, and you DO match the playground! FUN!!!


  7. What fun, I still love to play at playgrounds even though I'm 19! I love Alaric's shirt and Bea's blouse! Your dress is lovely too, especially the colors!

  8. I love your blog, because you incorporate your entire family. This is the sweetest. I love sundresses. Don't think it's quite warm enough in San Francisco, but when it is, I'll whip out my sundresses :)

  9. Oh hey again Lisa. I just realized I'm on your blogroll, would you mind changing it to my new blog name please? the girl from hk, ldn & sf please? Thank you, I really appreciate :)

  10. Oh my gosh the picture of your man and daughter is way too precious!!

    This is an absolutely fabulous day in the park outfit.

  11. you have a beautiful family. your daughter is so cute. i love your blog.

  12. very cute pictures! <33

    join Versicle's anniversary GIVEAWAY, pronto!
    love xx


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