Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the winner is

The winner of the giveaway  is Missa who has a wonderful blog called thrift candy
I found my #15 via a random number generator. Congratulations!
My first find is a lovely and very delicate cameo locket necklace. 
I tried to model it but it was way too bright outside. It opens for for a place to put pictures in.
My second find was this lovely nautical scarf. It is the perfect size for wearing different ways and very soft.
I really wanted to find at least three things for the giveaway but alas I did not have such luck thrifting after my initial finds so I got one of my favorite brands of tinted lip balms. I adore them because they don't kiss off on everything like lipstick. I had such fun finding stuff for the giveaway!
This is my outfit for today. I was feeling like wearing black but because it is a holiday I had to add some green socks to the ensemble. Everything is thrifted. I just got the patent shoes and blouse while on vacation. Happy spring  everyone!


  1. I love the tone on tone black (I would), but adding that scarf adds sophistication. I love it.
    Happy St. Pats to you and your beautiful family!

  2. man, that cameo locket is awesome! so jealous:) glad you had a good vacation. love the green socks with the all black.

  3. Oh that cameo and scarf are lovely! I adore the socks with that black dress!

  4. The shirt/skirt look like a little black dress! So cute. Also, congratulations to Missa! Those are very nice prizes.

  5. So cute! Love the ruffles! And darn darn darn it! How I longed to win! Next time, okay? :-D

    --you've just made it so I need to get over the knee socks.

  6. What fun socks! And the receiver of your giveaway is lucky indeed. Nice finds!

  7. loving the green socks! pops of colors are always good.

    I like your new layout, its so pretty

  8. Yippee!!!

    Oh how awesome, that locket is beautiful, and I don't own either a locket or a cameo. How cool to get both in one lovely piece! Aw, I can't wait to put a little picture of Clover in there :D

    The scarf is really cute too, oh thanks so much, I'm so excited!

  9. i'm in love with this last photo of you and that gorgeous cameo necklace!

  10. The whole concept of you Blog is amazing!!!I am a great fun of yours.........


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