Friday, March 26, 2010

The Crooked Mile

Beatrix picked this thrifted dress out herself today. We went to Fairytale Town again. She loves the crooked mile and went on it several times.
The plants didn't need watering this time but there was an adorable ladybug in the garden.
 I think I've worn most of these clothes in different combinations but this thifted necklace I just scored while on vacation. It actually goes perfectly with my blue pantsuit too. 
 Alaric is wearing thrifted polyester trousers and shirt is from Buffalo Exchange.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. After traveling so much this month I'm looking forward to just relaxing with my family.


  1. you are beautiful, love your outfit and what an adorable little girl!

  2. She is going to be a stylish girl just like her mother! Love the new tribal necklace. Those trees are blooming around here too, and I can't get over how gorgeous they are.

  3. You're daughter is just amazingly beautiful! Oh, and I LOVE your outfit. So chic. And the red tights-!.

    Oh, and thanks about my son. He's handsome like his daddy. :-)



    ---must get back to packing, must!!

  4. Beatrix is a natural fashionista, like her mom! Besides being absolutely adorable ;0)..
    I love your necklace, what a statement piece ♥

  5. i love how you combine the red tights and black dress. cute!

  6. You guys look like you are having so much fun. And what a stylish trio!

  7. I love the dresses! (yours and Beatrix's)
    I just found your blog, I love it and I'm following!!:D


  8. She is growing up to be quite the little fashionista!!!

    And I just love your crimson stockings.

  9. I love your tights! I really want some red ones.

  10. I always love Beatrix's little finds they are always so cute and I wish I had them!

    From Dolly

  11. Beatrix is so cute! and i love her name so much! reminds me of Kill Bill =D
    love your tights anyway <3

  12. Love the matching outfits. Whoa your daughter will be a true fashionista when she grows up! My mom dressed me in the cutest outfits. When I go home, I'm going to scan some photos and showcase my great child wardrobe :)

  13. You all look wonderful and it seems like a great way to spend the day. Thanks for responding to my question. I'm considering a cosmetology program and have an appointment to meet with someone at the school next week. Do you mind if I ask if you liked doing hair? Thanks either way...oh and I love your necklace.


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