Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Will Love Each Other

I'm a bit backlogged on posts but I always want to show my most recent work. Today was a great day for California. CA got a bit of it's dignity back after Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8.  I had a bit of an unplanned contention with a someone in my life (not my husband, he is so very happy about this)  who disagrees with the judge's decision. I took the photo shoot shortly after and I think the expressions I made in the photos had a little more depth and meaning than usual (you be the judge). I want through a gamut of emotions today, elation, anger, forgiveness, and sadness. Today was just one of those epic days that went by so slowly and I feel as though I'm a stronger and more empathetic person as a result. Sometimes to truly love someone you have to be confrontational.
shorts: bows and arrows vintage, sandals: thrifted, tank: crimson and clover, dress: thrifted
I totally thought most of these photos were rubbish but I was pleasantly surprised with how quite a few of the them turned out. Goes to show you never can tell- at least from that tiny screen.


  1. We are so happy that prop 8 was overturned. It was a day I felt a little California pride. Thank god for judge Walker.
    Your photos are lovely and the little girl is absolutely adorable.

  2. These photos are so lovely, the light is amazing!! I love those shorts too, they're such a nice colour!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. The news about Prop 8 is fantastic!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Hot shorts (and your necklace is fabulous)

  4. Thank you for mentioned that. I'm so happy about it--just hope it sticks this time.
    You always look super cute!

  5. I meant mentioning............too early to be typing!

  6. Your last couple of posts and outfits have been so delectable!! And I was extremely excited to hear about Prop 8, I wish I could have been in San Francisco to celebrate.


    I was so flattered to read and be apart of your Fabulous Five this month and I wanted to let you that I am always very inspired by your style and blog

  7. Your daughter, anyway, seems to have uncomplicated facial expressions! That's great about Proposition 8 by the way!

  8. Your expressions do look different in this shoot, and there is more strength in your expression. The pic of you and B in the tree is my fave. SWEET!

    And yes, yay on Prop h8 being overturned. I can only hope those that opposed gay rights now will change their minds soon and realize that civil rights should not be trampled on by out-moded religious perspectives.

  9. I got so caught up by your post I forgot to mention that I'm here to humbly present you with a blogger award. You are head-to-toe beauty and style and your passions and politics only make it more so. Cngrats! Come read about it on my page.

    Mad love at ya, kid. xo. -Bella Q

  10. your daughter's dress is so cute... you look amazing as well!

    An one more thing - visit my blog in order to collect the award! you definitely deserve it! :o)

  11. that's the cutest kid I've ever seen, and the cutest skirt!

  12. The color of your shorts are amazing! I love your little lady's dress...adorable!

    I'm always pleasantly surprised out how my photos turn out as well. Looking at the camera screen doesn't do them justice I guess!

  13. I love Bea's dress, the florals are lovely! Your shorts are also so pretty, the color is stunning! I'm so happy Prop 8 was overturned, I was already so surprised it passed in '08. I guess I thought California was a lot more liberal than it actually is :P

  14. I love these shorts ! Congrats California !

    See U !


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