Friday, August 13, 2010

Mondrian Cake

 Piet Mondrian
Henri Mattisse
Ellsworth Kelly
Chuck Close
Frank Stella
Sam Francis
Bea's dress: Once Upon a Child
Orange Vintage Dress: Thrift Town
San Francisco street Style (I really want her glasses and shoes, adorable)
Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to the MOMA in San Francisco. I wanted to get them all in before we go to the MOMA in New York City next week. I am beyond excited about the trip! It will be my first time there. The big red crescent was by Kelly, one of Bea's favorites. For this kind of art it really helps to be there in person to feel the full effect. I can't believe school is starting in 2 weeks. This summer has been incredible but I am very excited to start my classes.


  1. Oh man. Beautiful art, beautiful dresses on both you and Bea! That first shot with the gold curtain is so good. The shot of Bea with Piet Mondrian is priceless!

  2. I love art and the red dress:)

  3. Wow your dresses are stunning! That red one is amazing, and your cheongsam is lovely! Haha you seem so excited for classes to start, while I'm totally dreading them!

  4. oh, i love these museum pictures. Bea looks so adorable and you look gorgeous in that vintage dress!

  5. Great photos -- and have a wonderful trip to NYC!!!!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Chuck close is great! I can't believe the patience he has. I would just about give up after 10 squares >.<

  7. oh i love the outfits, especially the little girls dress, shes so cute! x

  8. I love Mondrian and I love this post! Can't wait to see your pictures from New York!

  9. Your dress is so beautiful and original, you're skilled for finding the greatest pieces !

    The little girl is the cutest !

    See U !

  10. oh no I went to the moma this week and it was closed!! good thing I'll be visiting SF more frequently. love these photos!

  11. So many incredible shots here. Digging the one with Aleric in front of the painting. And what is it with me and Bea's outfits? I have a dress that totally matches hers. A sort of buffalo plaid taffeta. Bea and I need to do some shopping together.

    Have fun in NYC! Looking forward to your pictures of your trip.

  12. These pictures melt my heart. You are such a cute family!

  13. I adore the one of Bea and the Mondrian! I am so jealous of the lovely pics you have of your little girl! Or should I say, inspired? Inspired to have a little girl, that is! Not that I don't adore adore my wee monsieur, but I doubt I will have him pose all nonchalant in front of a brick wall for my fashion blog one day!

    Oh, and your dress is amazing.

    Oh, and I am also jealous of all the art you have seen and will be seeing! Matisse! LOVE!


  14. Hi, just discovered your blog recently, it's wonderful - you and your daughter have the prettiest dresses! I love the MOMA, I went to high school in CA and took a lot of fun weekend trips into the city for some MOMA "culture", haha. Enjoy the New York MOMA, I've been to NYC many times but never there.

  15. Your daughter is soo cute! :O
    and your red dress matches great with the art :)
    beautiful pictures!

  16. I love your dress in the first few photos. I'm a big fan of east meets west fashion, and the color is very lovely.


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