Tuesday, June 7, 2016

104 degrees

     Apparently I still get a good readership to this blog because I got 104 page views yesterday which just boggles my mind. Now that I got my degree and starting an Etsy store I'm planning on blogging more, with more content. I'm also working at thrift store because I'm sort of fanatical about secondhand clothes, good for the environment, good for the pocketbook, good for being original, and wearing a dream. I was reading some Andy Warhol books at my good friends house last weekend and saw his exhibit at the Crocker a week ago. What really impressed me was a quote up on the wall. I forget the exact wording but it was about how the factory was a place people could be themselves scars and all. I've yet to find a place like that within the sugar coated walls of our current civilization but it's a compelling idea. I think it's important to have a bit of sour with the sweet. The weather has been hot, real hot but I don't really mind. Playsuits and cutoffs rule my world.
chiffon and daisy shirt thrifted. cut these jeans also thrifted. need a couple washings for delightfully ragged status
Have had this thrifted silence and noise playsuit for quite some time. Purple love.

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