Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It Just Takes Time

       I decided to blog this outfit because it is so damn cute.  Everything is secondhand, thrifted or gifted for mine. It has been a pretty chill summer.

  I've been reading profusely and teaching myself Spanish. Currently reading a fascinating biography about the dancer Isadora Duncan during her time founding a children's school in Russia.
  I want to write more on topics of interest besides just outfits. I remember I used to have an obsessions du jour post. I want to combine elements of my dancing and photography into creative presentations.I have grown so much in the past years and my appreciation for life has quadrupled.
 Next time I will write more about my thoughts and ideas.  I have so many  ideas for various projects and would like to include some tutorials as well. I've been making some lovely stars and exploring the wonderful world of film photography. I broke my leg  and it is finally healing and I can dance again! I even got to perform a short solo this summer at the Crocker.  I will be graduating in December with my dance degree and am excited to enjoy the end of this period in my life.

  Beatrix is in third grade and we have been having a lot of fun with her hairstyles. She is obsessed with this website called cute girls hairstyles and is learning Spanish and cursive.
 Bea's baby animal leggings are from H & M and her shirt is American Girl.
 She is reading and swimming up a storm just like I did when I was a little girl.
Until next time much love to you all.

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