Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obessions Du Jour

1. Stars- the sky is immensely beautiful every day I look at it, even in the city, but I still often think of
camping in the desert when I could see the stars so clearly it was magical. We are all stardust after all.
2. Cigarette Holders-I don't smoke everyday but enjoy fine tobacco cigarettes occasionally and recently got gifted a lovely vintage cigarette holder. I've been wanting one for awhile. They are so glamorous and I can't wait to have occasion to use it.
3. Martinis- My new favorite drink is a Hendrick's Dirty Jalepeno Martini. I love the way the glasses look as well. 

4. Fire-We finally had our first fire in our hearth. There is nothing like it on a wintry night.
...the only people for me are the mad ones...that 
burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles
exploding like spiders across stars...(kerouac)

5. Popcorn. There is nothing like making your own popcorn and then eating the whole bowl:)

6.Veronica Lake. I'm very into 1940s hair and makeup lately and she does both so well.

7. Red Dresses- These are definitely on my wish list. It is such a powerful and sensual color.

8.Faux Fur- I just love how luxurious it looks and how warm it is. I do not advocate buying new fur, or leather for that matter.
9. Black Lace. This is a classic that I just can't seem to have enough of lately.
10. Red Lipstick. I love this classic look. Unfortunately I have to be very careful as I have pouty lips and it tends to get on my nose and chin, not a good look:)
all images via we<3 it


  1. Great post! Love all the photos. I get red lipstick on my nose too! hehe :)

  2. love the images, especially that first one!!

  3. I love the star images that you found - when I was in Canada the sky was so clear that I could look up and see all the stars in the sky and now that I'm home I've lost that and totally miss it.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. great photos ^^
    i enjoy them


  5. I totally agree! Except for the cigarettes, only because they make me so woozy I can't stand. Other than that - Yes yes yes!

  6. These pictures are all so lovely! I love the 1940s hair

    -Shoeless Simone

  7. OMG!! Gorgeous Gorgeous..love every bit of the pictures...Very inspirational


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