Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy day and Shorts

This morning it rained so we took Beatrix to an indoor playground. She had so much fun she didn't didn't want to leave! I got inspired to do my take on the tights and shorts from some other fabulous bloggers:  Pretty Little Pictures and hot chocolate and mint.  My shorts are from Crimson & Clover who also has a lovely blog: flaming hag folkwear. I've had that blouse forever from Nordstrom before I decided to only shop ethical and the boots are a thrifted gift from my sister-in-law. I pretty much live in them. I found Alaric's shirt while thrifting.  He loves 1970's polyester.  I'm starting school tomorrow and am very excited.


  1. hey, thanks for stopping by the blog. those ann taylor brogues are size 8, and they will be at crimson and clover tomorrow.
    hope you have a great day at school!

  2. crap, just realized that the shoes are marked 8.5--but they fit more like an 8.
    take care.


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