Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gorgeous Day

So many pics from yesterday and today! Love the weekend when the weather is this amazing. My first outfit features a dress from American Apparel and thrifted accessories.   Alaric's first shirt is from American Rag Vintage store in SF. Beatrix's adorable dress we found yesterday at my fave vintage shop in Sacramento, Crimson & Clover. I  also got my red dress there. Alaric found his at Bows & Arrows (although the pants are from C&C.)


  1. you all look splendid, as usual. this weekend was so pretty, such a nice break from the darkness of the past couple weeks.
    did you guys by any chance leave a leather belt at the shop on saturday? i found it back by the men's stuff when i was closing and thought it might have been misplaced in all the clothing-trying-on? let me know. also, forgot to tell you all that if you bring your C&C cloth bag back next time you are shopping with us, you get a dollar off your total. thanks!

  2. Love the red dress and LOVE the fact that you are wearing it down the slide in heels! Beatrix's dress is soooooo cute!

  3. You're so lucky having nice weather. It's still snowing here!

    I love that red dress, it's gorgeous!

  4. Beatrix is adorable and her dress is cute! I love that scarf, and the colors of your dresses are stunning!

  5. the bebe looks like a doll! I think kids vintage clothes is underrated...hope theres still some around by the time I have kids

  6. love the black cable knit knee socks!


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