Monday, March 30, 2015

Shredded Tapestry

cut-offs:thrifted and self made. shirt:thrifted and gifted. blazer:vintage 

 A recommencement of the blog has been a project I have been meaning to embark upon. A two year hiatus has renewed my focus on my love of quirky, cheap, frayed, fun fashion, (and a broken leg but that is another story.) These shorts are still kinda my favorite even though they are practically falling apart. It gives them a frayed edge. I wore this outfit two nights ago to see the band Eternal Tapestry.

I complement various prints from being too busy by keeping the colors consistent and the loose jacket pairs down the fitted ensemble.
The shoes are very comfortable which is another very important factor when considering fashion.The tights allowed me to wear these past their prime cutoffs into the new season,
Making your own cut offs is a great way to revitalize a pair of jean whose cut is to frumpy or dated. The trick is to cut them at the right length for your figure. I prefer cutting them longer in the back and shorter in the front. This creates an appealing short look in the front while covering you assets properly in the back.
Anyhow Happy Spring! Allergy season is in full effect for those affected. Achoo!
Happy thrifting until next time.

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