Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modeling Coats at Crimson & Clover

 It took some willpower to not get one of these vintage clutches for only $12 a piece
 The coats are to die for here. Faux Russian Princess Coat $26
 Vintage Mink(?), my personal favorite

 ok we got this for Bea for only $5
The warmest coat in the world
I haven't been blogging much here but have been busy with modeling and photography (on my other blog).
I haven't been shopping much for a variety of reasons (time, money, transportation) but went to one of my favorite vintage stores to try stuff on. You can check it out for yourself and bedeck yourself for the cooler holiday months at 1617 16th st in Sacramento for guiltless shopping fun.


  1. Beautiful photo shoot! Love the fur coat! :)

  2. Cute can I use your pictures for the store? Have you entered our contest you could win $25 bucks!!! you look good in all of them!


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