Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Fabulous Five- Spring Edition

I was perusing through some of my favorite  blogs and found a theme. Look at all the wonderful vintage sweaters, a spring wardrobe necessity. I am in serious need of a trip to the thrift store.
1. Meghan of Out Of Order
Not only does Meghan incorporate lot's of vintage and secondhand goodness in her outfit posts but she goes a step further and makes her own clothes. I just adore this cardigan and the comfortable vibe of this outfit.
2. Unyime of Expressions Realia
I am always learning something new about vintage fashion when I read Unyime's blog. His website is so well put together as are his outfits like this one, this cardigan is amazing, n'est pas?
3. Mitzi of Night Lights 
I just adore Mitzi's style ever since I discovered her on chictopia. The girl is such an artistic fashionista!
4. Marie of Lemondrop Vintage
This dress is just fantastic and the girl is a vintage wonder always finding lovely things and having giveaways:)
Oh I sort of diverged from the the theme a little for this dress...
5. Amber of Violet Folklore
What a perfect spring dress to wear over and over again. Amber's blog is amazing with her adorable daughter and she also has an amazing Etsy store with the most divine dresses.


  1. I've been spending a lot of time lately at the my local Goodwill and Savers...and finding so much fab stuff!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. aww thanks so much for the feature, Lisa!

  3. Great info! I'm following Mitzi now, I love her style!

  4. Such excellent picks! I do love a good vintage, especially during the somewhat chilly months of Spring. And Meghan is just the sweetest lady! xoxo

  5. Ooo those are amazing! I love seeing a guy blogger.


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