Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My blog has been lagging a bit. I have just been so busy lately since my return from New York City. I'm working on getting my new Etsy store, Aesthetic, up and running as well as making lots of art. I wanted to post a few pictures from my new camera which is awesome. I'm so excited about it!  Bea got this swimsuit today while thrifting. It's a bit big but perfect for next year.

This is the Nara haircut I was referring to by the artist Yoshitomo Nara, that Beatrix chose.
 Here is some art that Bea and I have been up to lately.
 Juice by Beatrix Opal
Makemake by Beatrix Opal
Process Art #1
 For me, the best part of art is the process of making it. It is so fun to burn and smudge and stamp it. My two artist muses right now are Anselm Kiefer and Marina Abramovic.


  1. She is so lobely, this haircur is pretty amazing, makes her eyes fabulous !

    See U !

  2. I love the art pieces! I know what you mean about the best part being the process itself - that's what I always enjoy most when I paint.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Bea's art is quite stunning. I love the orange bit...

  4. She seems like a very creative little girl, and I'm sure it's loads of fun creating art together. And let me just reiterate my love for your dog. I swore somewhere on a muddy dog walk five years ago that I'd never have dogs on my own, but I'd make an exception for yours, definitely!

  5. Loving the paintings, both yours and Bea's and that haircut is sooooo cute!

  6. Ask your daughter to paint on a wall ;)
    something like this would be great!

  7. aw, agnes and bea are chums! so cute.


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